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Important Tips on How to be Prepared for Winter

Winter officially starts on December 21, at least that’s what Google says. I wouldn’t actually know because for the past 14 years* we have been spending December to April travelling in Southern Mexico. That means that normally, right about now,… «more»

Barbie Dreamtopia Giveaway

Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Doll

Since the kids have started going to school, they regularly come home talking of toys that I’ve never heard of that “so and so has” and that if we love them, we’ll buy them one too. Okay, they haven’t said… «more»

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Participate in the #StayfreeChallengeContest

In one week, seven short days, 168 hours and 10,080 minutes we’ll be heading out on our annual trip from Mexico to Canada. This will be our 20th time making the 5,000km, 4-day, 3-country trip with a menagerie of adults,… «more»