Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Kids Get Weighed at Their First BabyTalk Visit

Today we went to “Baby Talk”. This is a weekly event put on by Community Health Services where we meet with “Arla” (our nurse) and she tracks the kids progress and answers any questions (I have her phone number on speed dial, smile). It’s also an opportunity for me to meet and mingle with other Moms in the area.

The kids haven’t been weighed for 4 weeks and they didn’t disappoint. Artemis went from 10 lbs 7oz to 11 lbs 6.5oz. Ed and I both thought that she’d be closer to 13 lbs. Regardless, she’s in the ideal weight gain for her age (4-8oz a week) so we’re happy with that. As for “Max the Tank”, he went from 13 lbs 12 oz to 15 lbs 11 oz. Almost 16 pounds and a 2 pound gain! Apparently their growth will slow down now (1.5-3oz a week).

Arla and I chatted a lot about baby food as I’m getting myself psyched up for when they start eating. That won’t happen until August 16 (6 months adjusted, from their due date of February 16) but there is so much to know and so many myths.

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