Monday, July 12, 2010

Remembering Alexander. We Will Never Forget

Alexander was Alexander before he was even conceived. Both Ed and I liked the name (before we even met) and knew that if we ever had children, we would use the name Alexander.

Therefore, when the trio was conceived, we knew that “Baby A” would literally be “Baby A” regardless of whether they were a boy or girl.

Alexander (not Alex) originally had the middle name Maximilian. But when Max came along, we liked the name so much that we wanted him to have it. In turn, we needed to come up with a new middle name. Jacob had always been on the shortlist, however, it doesn’t translate well in Spanish. The J is silent and sounds like an H and they add an O to the end. It would sound like Ha/co/bo (both o’s are long). Not what we were going for (as a first name) but perfect as a middle name!

Over the past 7 months, we have been making more memories with Alexander. Memories of a different sort.

Nanna and Alexander have many memories together as he travels everywhere with her. In fact, she wears him around her neck.

Gael and Alexander regularly go kayaking together and are one with nature. I look forward to sharing some of the (pictures) sights that they see.

We’d love to hear of your memories with Alexander.

Alexander’s baptism certificate reads, “The life and death of each of us has an influence on others”. Rom 4:17. Alexander has had a positive influence on so many, quite a feat for such a young boy.

We talk to Alexander everyday. He is a part of our life. There will always be three. Words cannot express how much we miss him. Our hearts are so sad. He will be forever missed and never forgotten.

Besos, The Zoo

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