Monthly Archives: September 2010

Another "Method of Neglect" Bites the Dust

Max has (almost) outgrown his favourite toy in the entire world, his “Jolly Jumper” (Thanks Aunt Carrie). Even on the highest setting, his feet can touch the floor (flat). Besides, our public health nurse said that he shouldn’t be in… «more»

I Spoke Too Soon

I’m sure it won’t be the last time either. Max has been crying a lot of real tears today. This morning, I looked in his mouth and to my surprise, saw that tooth “O” (bottom left) was ALSO coming in!… «more»

Max’s First Tooth!

I always knew that Max would be the first one to get a tooth. A mother just knows… Over the past few days, Max has been having a long nap in the morning and afternoon. This was refreshing after 1… «more»

Neglect on the Decline

Unfortunately, the “Swings of Neglect” are no longer serving their purpose. “Miss Contortionist/Escape Artist” can get out of hers (even with the safety straps) and “Mr See How Smart I Am” always grabs the sides and stops himself from rocking.You… «more»

Want a Ride…

… in a laundry basket. They have so much fun at home with Daddy. I wonder where he comes up with the ideas…

And to Think…

I thought that they were sleeping.The quest for world dominance continues…

Max and Artemis' Baptism

Max and Artemis’ Baptism Extravaganza

Today was Max and Artemis’ baptism! We couldn’t have asked for better weather, company or a finer party. We were blessed to have the ceremony officiated by Poppa’s first cousin; Father Allan Donald Hood. It was held in St. Michael’s… «more»

Max is on all Fours!

I’ve been meaning to take some pictures but I misplaced the camera. It’s been found but the kids are napping (the reason why I have time to post) so I don’t have any pictures of Max up on all fours!… «more»