Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another "Method of Neglect" Bites the Dust

Max has (almost) outgrown his favourite toy in the entire world, his “Jolly Jumper” (Thanks Aunt Carrie). Even on the highest setting, his feet can touch the floor (flat).

Besides, our public health nurse said that he shouldn’t be in it for more than one hour a day. To which I replied, “One hour a day, try ten. We let him nap in it”. You should have seen her face.

Once again, in the court of public opinion, I win first price for “Mother who Neglects her Kids the Most”. But in the court of my kids, I win the award for “Best Mother that lets us Break (almost) all the Rules”.

I tried to upload a video of him whirling and twirling but I’m having problems.

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