Sunday, September 26, 2010

Max’s First Tooth!

I always knew that Max would be the first one to get a tooth. A mother just knows…

Over the past few days, Max has been having a long nap in the morning and afternoon. This was refreshing after 1 month of almost no naps for either of them. We didn’t think much of it. Heck, we’re tired, why wouldn’t they be.

Yesterday, he had a fussy period in the afternoon for almost 2 hours. For the first time, I didn’t automatically think “maybe he’s teething”. Nor was he drooling or chewing on things (anymore than usual).

This morning, while he was chewing on my finger, I felt the little spikes of tooth “P” (bottom, right). It’s only just broken through the surface but you can see it. Pictures to follow when it’s more visible.

People have made me so terrified of teething. If a bit of fussiness is all we get for having his teeth come in, we’ll take it! Only time will tell.

His first tooth, they’re growing up so fast, sigh.

2 thoughts on “Max’s First Tooth!

  1. Anonymous

    Hi there,

    Man, oh man, I don't log on for a week and now Max has his first tooth. I can't believe it! They are getting so big and they look so happy.

    Take care,
    Miss you,
    Love & kisses


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