Sunday, September 12, 2010

Max and Artemis’ Baptism Extravaganza

Today was Max and Artemis’ baptism!

We couldn’t have asked for better weather, company or a finer party.

We were blessed to have the ceremony officiated by Poppa’s first cousin; Father Allan Donald Hood. It was held in St. Michael’s Church in Cobourg, Ontario (his church, one hour east of Toronto). Nanna provided the two beautiful flower displays at the church, Tia Ilka videotaped the event and Father Hood wore a special robe (given to him by his grand father, Andrew Hood).

Max’s and Artemis were blessed by their godparents; Abuelo and Marcella and Fred and Abuela. They are so fortunate to have them in their lives.

Father Hood gave a special prayer for Alexander (who had been baptized before his passing). His presence was everywhere.

The attention to detail was incredible!

Abuela handmade (painted) all the gift boxes that included a beautiful glass jewellery box and were adorned with a blessed cross. In addition, each box contained three colours of tissue paper (to symbolize Alexander, Max and Artemis).

The reception was held at “The Mill Restaurant” and it was beautiful.

The napkins were monogrammed,

each place-setting had a customized menu,

the two-tiered cake had two angels on top,

the centre pieces were flowers; two white and one pink,

each of the kids had guest registers that were inscribed with their names.

Nanna and Abuelo gave lovely speeches at the luncheon.

The Kids received tons of thoughtful gifts (thank you to everyone!). We were just so honoured to have everyone come and spend their special day with them. In all, there were 22 people, including; Sarah’s friend Kim (from camp) and the kids three great-aunts; Margaret (91), May (93) and Isobel (101! pictured below).

A special thanks to Tia Ilka, Abuela and Abuelo for putting so much time, effort and thought into every detail.

After the baptism, Andrew, Ed and I headed back to Rosina and Eduardo’s place for dinner and to spend some final hours with Marcella before she left for South Korea (at 3 am the next day). Marcella was only with us for a short time (less than 36 hours) but we were so pleased to have her spend such a special day with us.

For those of you that took pictures, could you please mail or email (preferable) them to me. Thanks.

Here are some more fun shots.

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