Saturday, September 25, 2010

Neglect on the Decline

Unfortunately, the “Swings of Neglect” are no longer serving their purpose.

“Miss Contortionist/Escape Artist” can get out of hers (even with the safety straps)

and “Mr See How Smart I Am” always grabs the sides and stops himself from rocking.

You know you’re in trouble when your 7 months olds are smarter than the two of you, combined…

We haven’t posted in awhile but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been thinking of you. Nanna came for a 5 day visit and we got tons of stuff done; eye appointments, doctor appointments, shopping, Friday Night Auction, and Date Night. For the first time in almost one year, Ed and I went out for a nice dinner.

Next up, Uncle Andrew comes to visit for Thanksgiving and Poppa shows up shortly thereafter to help Sarah babysit (while Ed is in Dallas for one week on business).

Keep sending us emails so that we know how you’re doing!

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