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The Kids Celebrate Their First Halloween!

The kids celebrated their first Halloween today. And what a day it was. We started it off by going out for breakfast. Everyone put on funny ears (including Mommy and Nanna). In the afternoon, we dressed up in more funny… «more»

Pictures from Nanna

After 6 months of stockpiling her pictures, I finally got them off of her camera. Here are a few of the 387…

Getting Ready for Halloween

So we were getting ready for Halloween (read: taking embarrassing pictures of the kids to later show at their wedding) and thought that you’d like a sneak peak. We tried to get a picture of Artemis with anything on but… «more»

My Little Passion

Today I got to live one of my passions. Skiing you ask, no. Sleeping in (I wish, a close second), no. Enjoying the beautiful fall weather, no (well yes but not what I was going for). If you guessed collecting… «more»

Max and Artemis at 9 Months Old Adjusted

Who Are Max and Artemis?

People often ask me, “Who Are They”? Meaning, what are their personalities like, how are they similar, different? I think that some people think that they should be more alike because they were born at the same time when really,… «more»


of the Diaper Change. “Who Me?” says She. For any of you that has changed Artemis’ diaper, you know what I’m talking about. She flips, she flops, she flies. Whatever it takes to impede your progress. This morning, after trying… «more»

We’ve Graduated

…to the bigger laundry basket and we can now stand. For dinner we had lasagna and broccoli. Since Max started to crawl, they’ve been playing together a lot more. Wherever Max is, Artemis is, wherever Artemis is, Max is. It’s… «more»

Artemis Gains Weight

At her last weigh in on September 20, Artemis was no longer registering on the growth chart, she was too light (even for her adjusted age). So, for the past month we have been trying different ways to help her… «more»

Someone Gifting a Quarter

How the Gift of a Quarter Changed My Life Forever

Lots of people have lost a child, however, when you’re going through the loss yourself, it seems like you’re the only one in the entire world.. People don’t talk about it very much. I get it. No one wants to… «more»

What a Week!

On Saturday, Uncle Andrew arrived.On Sunday, Ed left for Dallas.On Monday, Poppa arrived.On Tuesday, Uncle Andrew left.On Wednesday, Max started crawling (forwards) and Artemis continued to show us how she can walk (using her shopping cart).On Thursday, Ed came home… «more»