Monday, October 25, 2010

Who Are Max and Artemis?

Max and Artemis at 9 Months Old Adjusted
People often ask me, “Who Are They”? Meaning, what are their personalities like, how are they similar, different? I think that some people think that they should be more alike because they were born at the same time when really, they’re just siblings. Now Max and Alexander would have been another story…

I usually respond with “Artemis is a tyrant” and “Max is simple”. Not exactly true or how I want my kids to be portrayed but it gets the point across. Then it got me to thinking, “Who Are They”? Here is who I perceive them to be today. Tomorrow is another day.

Max is the talkative one of the bunch. He’s been chatting since March 23, 2010 (one month, adjusted). He really thinks that he’s having a conversation with you or more often himself and is very animated. I can’t wait to know what he’s saying, perhaps reciting Plato or Socrates. He used to be the big eater (of solids), now he isn’t interested much. It could be because he’s teething (they both are) or that he’s just too interested in the world around him. He’s happy to sit in his high chair, chewing on his spoon and watching his sister eat or the cat go by. Speaking of the cat, neither are very interested in her (she isn’t around much and never has been) but she will let them “pet” her when they do manage to find her. He doesn’t mind having his diaper changed, dressed or put to sleep. In fact, like his mommy, he really likes his sleep. Both of them have been sleeping through the night (10hours+) since May 28, 2010 (3 months of age, adjusted). Like his sister, his smile just lights up the room. Lucky for us, he smiles almost all the time.

When Artemis first meets you she’s a bit skeptical (just like her dad). She puts on her “you’re sketchy” look and watches your every move. Within two minutes, she’s in love and gives you a huge grin, from ear to ear. She is very inquisitive and is the first one to do everything; pulling things down, crawling into, climbing over. She’ll be the first to skydive (followed closely by her brother). She’s currently the leader, although part of that is because she’s a better crawler (she’s been doing it for over 3 months versus his two weeks). I would bet that she’s an extrovert and Max is an introvert. Artemis likes to use her brother as a jungle gym but he doesn’t seem to mind too much. When he does, he just pushes her (easily) out of the way. Max has the advantage of being 5 pounds heavier. Artemis is more of a night owl (like her daddy). She will go down for a nap or sleep if she’s tired but more often than not, she’d rather be up and part of the party. She is very persistent and cheeky. When you tell her to “give her brother back his toy” (that she’s taken yet again), she gives you her “scrunchy face” (think Popeye).

They spend a lot of their time playing quietly together or individually (always within eye sight of each other). They’re both cuddly but very independent.

People always comment on how happy, calm and quiet they are. We are so lucky to have such great kids and look forward to finding out more about them every day.

Any Other Questions about Who Are Max and Artemis?

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