Saturday, November 27, 2010

Eight Pieces of Toast

Today at dinner, Max fed himself 8 pieces of toast. The reason why this is such an amazing feat is that up until this point, he had yet to feed himself ONE piece of anything. In the past, he would pick up his food, throw it on the ground and watch the cat eat it. Speaking of the cat, she’s turned into a regular “dog”. At each meal, she hangs around under their high chairs and usually gets to the food (when it falls) before I do. Who knew that cats eat; bread, eggs, pasta and that’s just today!

For the last week, Artemis has been climbing up on anything and everything. In fact, she spends most of her time suspended in the air.

The kids are still on breast milk, although we’ve recently upped their food intake to three meals a day (from two). Yesterday they had their first taste of dairy (yoghurt) and it was a success. Tomorrow we’ll try cheese.

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