Thursday, November 11, 2010

In Remembrance and The Toy Box(es)

Today is Remembrance Day (Lest we forget…) and the kids are 11 months (actual).

I somehow managed to get my teeth cleaned today. I LOVE to get my teeth cleaned. I know, I’m weird.

We are looking forward to Nanna’s visit tomorrow. That makes two visits in two weeks.

The kids have three toy boxes; one in the living room, dining room and nursery. The kids have so many toys. Recently, I packed a whole bunch of toys away (that they weren’t yet interested in) as I read that you can over stimulate your kids to the point that they can’t focus on anything. Whatever.

In reality, I got tired of putting them ALL away every time. You see, their latest trick is to take every single last toy out of the toy box, regularly.

Max’s favourite toy would have to be one of his two musical books (with lights). He loves all books; plastic, paper, electronic, wooden. He likes to open the pages, chew on them, throw them, and generally destroy them.

Artemis’ favourite toy is whichever one that Max has. Seriously. She likes to carry them around either in her hand or mouth (as you saw recently) so we find them everywhere.

Some other favourites are spoons; plastic and metal as well as wooden spatulas. Followed closely by tea towels (taken from their hook). In fact, most of their favourite toys aren’t even found in the toy box (the proverbial throw the toy away give them the box). I guess that makes our kids “normal”.

Here’s Max playing with Daddy’s “toy” (tool) box.

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