Monday, November 29, 2010

Sippy Cups

Today at the “suggestion” of the public health nurse, I brought out the Sippy Cups (that I bought over one month ago). I have to admit, I wasn’t very sold on the idea, kind of like I wasn’t really sold on giving them three meals a day (up from two). The reason is two fold; 1. Why ruin a good thing and 2. “I’m” not quite ready.

With respect to my first point, the kids are really into a routine. Although the start times and durations aren’t always the same, they know that when they wake up from one of their two naps (hopefully), they get a bottle as well as first thing in the morning and at night. You wouldn’t wake a sleeping baby so why would you change a good routine?

As for the second point, if they don’t have any bottles, when do I get to hold them and snuggle? They don’t want to sleep with us anymore (key word is sleep, they do like to climb all over us but we don’t get any sleep) and they haven’t yet learned how to hug (although it’s coming). All of their waking hours are spent exploring the world around them and they have no time for Ed and I.

My other hesitation is that when in Mexico it will be difficult to always find a place to clean them (the sippy cups), however, the bottle liners are sterile and I have tons of nipples (enough to only need to sterilize once a night).

The experiment began when I filled up the cup with water and gave it to them to play with (first without the valve and then with). They figured out how to hold the Sippy Cups (using the handles) and managed to get some to drink. In a few days, I’ll switch out their bottle with the cup.

No looking back now. They were ready for the Sippy Cups, I wonder when I’ll be…

P.S. How pathetic my life has become, I’m posting about Sippy Cups. Even worse, I’m jealous of them.

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