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The Zoo is off to Chiapas, Mexico. See you in 2011.

We picked up our new (to us) van on Sunday, got it certified on Monday and packed it up on Tuesday. “Packed” includes; Aries, Reina, Phoenix, Max, Artemis, Ed and I. Needless to say, there isn’t room for much else.… «more»

Alexanders Space

In Alexander’s Honour

I wanted to post this on December 19th, the one year anniversary of Alexander’s passing. However, we will be on our way to Mexico so here it is. As many of you know, I have been struggling to decide what… «more»

One-Year Check-up

Today the kids had their one-year doctors’ check-up. Max weighed 19lbs, 11oz (8.94kg) an increase of 1lb, 6oz since September 20 (he’s in the 75% percentile). Artemis weighed 16lbs, 2oz (7.31kg) an increase of 1lbs12oz since October 19 (she’s now… «more»

Taking Steps and Getting More Baby Teeth

Today Artemis took her first step forward (on three different occasions). I called it. Way back when, I stated that she’d be “walking” before we left for Mexico. Considering we’re scheduled to leave on Thursday (we head to Toronto on… «more»

In the Eleventh Hour

We bought a van today (just a newer version of old Bessie). Considering we’re supposed to be leaving for Toronto on Tuesday (now Wednesday), we were cutting it a bit short. Things always seem to work themselves out… Now don’t… «more»

Artemis Needs a Lesson in Sharing

———————- I ———————-——————— WILL ——————– ——————— NOT ——————— ——- SHARE (and I’ll bite you if you make me)! ——- *** Remember, if you click on the picture it increases in size ***

Introducing Ethan James

Todays post is very fitting. Not only is it to introduce all of you to Ed’s grandson; Ethan James but it’s also Christina’s 30th birthday. Happy Birthday Christina! In case math wasn’t your strongest subject, Christina is Ed’s first child.… «more»

If They Could Talk…

Let’s let the dogs out. What are you laughing about? Mmm, I love peas. You can’t be serious, this is cruel. Let’s help Mommy (un)pack.