Saturday, December 11, 2010

In the Eleventh Hour

We bought a van today (just a newer version of old Bessie). Considering we’re supposed to be leaving for Toronto on Tuesday (now Wednesday), we were cutting it a bit short. Things always seem to work themselves out…

Now don’t get too excited because we don’t actually have the van. We’re supposed to pick it up on Sunday, get it certified on Monday, pack it up on Tuesday and leave for Toronto on Wednesday. We’ll probably visit with family during the day on Thursday and hope to leave in the evening the same day.

In the past it’s taken us 4.5 days, 55 driving hours, 5,000 km to get where we’re going. However, with the kids, we think that it could take us up to one week. That would have us arriving on or just before December 24 which is the biggest day for celebration in the country, rivaled only by December 12, the Virgin of Guadalupe Day.

We can’t wait for the kids to feel, smell and experience all that Mexico has to offer. Even though they’re young, it will be a part of their story. One adventure ends and another begins.

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