Monday, April 11, 2011

Where did 16 Months Go? Nipissing Development Update.

Nippissing Developmental Milestone Checklist 15 Months Today marks the kids 16 month birthday.

They have a doctors appointment on Friday (their first since December 13).

Other than that, they meet all of their milestones on the “Nippissing Developmental Milestone Checklist” for 15 months (adjusted).

While preparing lunch today, I noticed that there was a lull in the normally endless chatter (never good!). I poke my head around the corner to see this. Yes, I ran and got my camera so as not to lose a photo op. Note that the hockey bags have NOT been moved. Artemis just moved the blue xylophone (in the picture) and used that to climb into the chair.

Acrobatics with Artemis

Max at 16 Months
Remember Uncle Andrew’s red lederhosen (I like writing lederhosen). Well, Nanna also kept my first bear Cuddles.

Note that unfortunately, Nanna does not have Uncle Andrew’s first bear “TeeTee” because I hid it in the haypile at our farm and then wouldn’t tell anyone where it was. To this day, I can’t remember myself.

Now this could be a whole other post in itself but I’d rather not remember my horribleness.

RIP TeeTee.

Back to Cuddles. Cuddles now spends her time riding around in the shopping cart (as we call it). Artemis can even put Cuddles in the chair herself. I will post a video (once I learn how).

Artemis Pushing Cuddles

Note that on December 13, Max weighed 19lbs, 11oz and Artemis weighed 16lbs, 2oz.

After being in Edmonton (on business) for six sleeps, Ed comes home tonight, yah!

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