Saturday, April 2, 2011

Aries and Friends

I was going to call this post “Friends with Benefits” but I knew what you’d think and it IS a family blog…

When we were in Mexico, we took Aries to the vet for her 5 year check-up. No, she’s not 5 years old (in fact, she’ll be 15 this month!), it’s that she hasn’t been to the vet for FIVE years. While there, we pulled out all the stops and did some blood tests, had her teeth checked, and were specifically wondering why she’d lost so much weight (1kg, 2.25 lbs!). Note that she was FAT before so no harm done. It turns out that all is well and she has the body of a much younger lady.

For whatever reason, Aries really likes the kids (note that she’s never liked Ed or I much…). They’re pretty good with her (we don’t let them bother her too much). In fact, their first real word (that is consistently associated with ONE object and not everything) that they both started to say this week is “CAT”! You can ask them “Where is the cat?” and they’ll look for her, point at her and say “Cat” or “Ca”. They can say mama and dada, ga, ya and other syllables but with no meaning or context.

Aries parks herself beside Artemis at every meal (never beside Max as he EATS all of his food), waits patiently and is always rewarded. As for the weight loss, with friends like these, it’s a wonder that she’s lost any weight.

Since Artemis shares her food with the cat, she is especially hungry and has been known to eat other things. Like this morning, yum, orange peels!

No pictures of Max today as he is recuperating from his face first fall onto the concrete curb (yesterday). The first of many I’m sure. Besides, he’s teething and hasn’t been up for taking pictures. Here’s one taken yesterday while he’s watching the dogs play (favourite pasttime #2, next to playing with the cat). I didn’t notice until after the picture was taken that he’d removed his (left) slipper.

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