Monday, April 25, 2011

Historic Day

Today is a historic day. One that my family thought would never happen (although they were hopeful).

After 10 years, 3 months (less one day), Ed and I now have a tv in our house.

Now, don’t get all crazy on us and think that we went out and bought a new one. No, this is Uncle Andrew’s hand me down that we’ve had for several years.

We haven’t even tried to plug the thing in and it’s already proving to be a problem. Where will we put it (so that the kids can’t break it or climb on it)? What will we put it on (that fits in the room, that works with the ambiance, that the kids can’t knock it off of)? How can we keep the cord away from them (they like to suck on it)?

The reason for this change of heart (although not really because we knew that we’d eventually use it) was to let the kids watch some educational sing/dance-a-long VHS tapes that I got for a steal (tell me you’re not surprised). What, you didn’t think that we’d buy a DVD player did you?

I’m sure that they’ll be a hit as the kids love to dance. So much so that I can hum or sing (only if no one’s around) any old song and they will dance.

We will post pictures soon of the zombies kids enjoying their new toy.

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