Monthly Archives: April 2011

To My Surprise…

Well not really. Let’s be real, if you spent one minute in this house you’d realize that nothing really surprises us anymore. After another lull in the chatter, I looked in the living room to see this. Note that I… «more»

Notice the Resemblance?

Remember Astro Boy? Astro Boy and Astro Girl (who didn’t really exist but she does now!)

Where did 16 Months Go? Nipissing Development Update.

Today marks the kids 16 month birthday. They have a doctors appointment on Friday (their first since December 13). Other than that, they meet all of their milestones on the “Nippissing Developmental Milestone Checklist” for 15 months (adjusted). While preparing… «more»

In, On, Under

I have so many post ideas in the works but never get/have time to get the necessary picture. In addition, I’m hating the pictures that our Canon Elph takes (I’m a Nikon girl). We have a Nikon D70 but it’s… «more»

Down One

I’ve seen it coming for a few weeks now and I’m not excited about it. Today it was official… they dropped their afternoon nap. Luckily, their afternoon nap was the shorter of the two (30-45 minutes) but still. How will… «more»

Having a Picnic

On the mornings when we have our act together (or maybe it’s when we DON’T have our act together), we let the kids have a picnic. We’ve experimented and Cherrios directly on the floor clearly win out (we’ve tried using… «more»

McGyver I’m Not

So the kids are still up (it’s 10:30pm) and there’s no slow down in sight. I must have inadvertently given them caffeine. They are WIRED! Update: They finally crashed at 11pm. They have learned how to remove all the outlet… «more»

What Monkey?

Artemis spent the whole day with this monkey (a gift from our neighbours) velcroed around her neck. We kept waiting for her (or Max) to pull it off but it never happened. It’s like neither of them even noticed that… «more»

Aries and Friends

I was going to call this post “Friends with Benefits” but I knew what you’d think and it IS a family blog… When we were in Mexico, we took Aries to the vet for her 5 year check-up. No, she’s… «more»