Sunday, May 8, 2011

Celebrating My Second Mother’s Day is Bitter Sweet

This morning, Ed and the kids made Nanna and I a feast to remember; bacon, eggs, toast and coffee, yum! The kids gave Nanna their “Happy Nanna Card” complete with traced handprints, crumpled envelopes and missing a corner (tasty).

We gave the kids their new toy; a picnic table. We figured they were old enough to actually sit at it (maybe not) and use it for colouring (instead of the kitchen floor, our house is carpeted).
Max and Artemis sitting on their new picnic tableMax and Artemis Lying on their new picnic table

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mother’s, especially those that are Mother’s but don’t have their babies in their arms. Remember that your babies are thinking of you too.

Mothers Day 2011

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