Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The May Long Weekend of 2011

I have been inundated with requests from my mom and dad loyal followers to do a post about this weekend. That and they want to see pictures of their grandkids. Grandkids grandshmids. What about me, their only daughter? Replaced by the spawn of my loins. I could go on but this IS a family blog.

On Saturday and Sunday morning, Ed and Kevin woke up early and went garage saleing. Andrew and I stayed home to tend the litter and make breakfast (bacon extravaganza and pancakes).

During the days, the boys, burned the burn pile, brought the wood stove upstairs (and all it’s accessories), mowed 5 acres, fixed the front door (well found out what was broken), fixed the lawn mower tractor, fixed the sump pump (but then unfixed the sump pump, it’s a long story…) and chainsawed trees (I’m sure I’m missing something(s)).

On Saturday evening, Kevin MADE ME call my neighbour (The Sheriff) to ask him if Kevin could come over and watch Saturday Night Live at his place (at 11pm, even though he’d never met him) all because Kevin has a man crush thinks that Justin Timberlake is funny (you knew that was coming Kevin).

On Monday morning, we all got up early and went to a Cooper Auction sale. There was a ton of stuff there (a six hour sale at least) but not much that we wanted (mostly machinery). Kevin bid on a couple of things (thankfully he didn’t win anything as we already have to bring back a 4×8’ whiteboard this summer). The boys left at 11am and we left shortly thereafter but not before Ed called the neighbourhood (okay, only The Sheriff but Gord and Dave also showed up) letting him know that an almost new boat and motor were for sale (The Sheriff is in the market for a “new to him” 15hp motor). I bought three wooden captains chairs (for $1, the deal of the century) and when we got home, Ed pressure washed them (they’d been in the barn) and fixed them up pretty (glued them).

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for… pictures.

I know that you won’t believe it but I think that Andrew “might” be smiling in this picture. Seeing as it’s the only picture in the world (of him smiling), I will be selling copies for $10 (proceeds to the dogs).

Credit Card Management with Uncle Kevin (The Teacher).

“The Dorm”. Words spoken by Kevin when he saw his accomodations.

The Burn Pile Before (note that there IS a burn barrel hidden somewhere in there).

The Burn Pile During.

The Burn Pile After.

Got Cheerios?


Super Star!

The (Il)literates.

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