Monthly Archives: May 2011

Hasta Luego Nanna

Sorry for not posting more but we’ve been having a blast hanging out with Nanna and blogger (the site that hosts this blog) was deleting posts doing maintenance on Thursday and Friday. On Friday night, for the first time since… «more»

Gypsy Girl (and the Other Guy) turn 17 Months

Ed calls Artemis his “Little Gypsy Girl” (well he’s also called her a name that begins with “S” and ends in “trumpet” but he told me not to tell you that because it’s not very nice, apparently it has something… «more»

Horsey Ridey

Nanna bought the kids a toy yesterday, his name is “Horsey Ridey”. The kids love him. Artemis, our little daredevil is definitely going to be in the circus as she likes to stand on the seat with NO HANDS and… «more»

Technically Speaking, Today was Mother’s Day 2011

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, however, we pretended that it was today. We all got dressed up and went out for lunch (and we missed all the crowds). What a beautiful day! When we got back from lunch, we took some… «more»

Celebrating My Second Mother’s Day is Bitter Sweet

This morning, Ed and the kids made Nanna and I a feast to remember; bacon, eggs, toast and coffee, yum! The kids gave Nanna their “Happy Nanna Card” complete with traced handprints, crumpled envelopes and missing a corner (tasty). We… «more»

School is in Session

Geography. Did you notice that Artemis is wearing different clothes in this picture? Thought we were tricking you and taking pictures over several days? We wouldn’t do that. No, this picture was taken while she was still in her pj’s.… «more»

The Banana Peel Test

Want to know if you’re kids are sick or not? Give them “The Banana Peel Test”. Step 1. Peel banana.Step 2. Set aside peel, eat banana.Step 3. Take peel and give to child.Step 4. Evaluate. If the child eats it,… «more»

Head Colds, Stuffed Sinuses and Sore Throats

We’re all sick. I’ve been sick since Thursday evening, Max has been sick since yesterday, Artemis got sick today and Ed has a sore throat. Thankfully, it appears that I got the worst of it which is really weird because… «more»