Saturday, May 28, 2011

Reina’s New Bionic Knee Surgery is a Success!

Note that at the bottom of this post, there are a few pictures of Reina’s wound. There is a tiny droplet of dried blood (it looks black) and I don’t think it’s gory at all. In fact, I think that it looks very pretty. But, if you have a weak stomach, perhaps you should skip this post. In a nutshell, she’s doing great and should have a full recovery.

Reina had her ACL replacement surgery on Thursday evening. The surgery entails the replacement of the ACL with a synthetic product (they don’t reconnect/repair her own ACL). She has 17 little staples all in a neat row.

She doesn’t have any arthritis in her joint and all of her blood work came back normal. She’s in great shape for her eight plus years. The clinic said that she was one of the quickest recuperators ever! We are very proud and pleased.

She should start to use her leg after approximately two weeks. She has a follow-up appointment (to remove her staples) in two weeks. The initial recovery period takes eight weeks. She is expected to make a full recovery which will take up to six months.

She’s on two medications (pain killer and antibiotics) for 10 days and a joint care formula pellet for at least 11 weeks. Ed has to carry her in and out of the house (she can’t use the stairs). That’s no easy task considering she is 58 pounds.

She has to wear an Elizabethan Collar and stay away from Phoenix. He’s a roughhouser (what Boxer isn’t) and has been caught licking her wound. She doesn’t mind if we touch around her knee and is quick to lie on her back for a belly rub. Good ole Reina.

On a totally unrelated note, here’s a picture of Thursday nights dinner. Homemade pizza, yum! The pizza has; tomato sauce, thick slices of tomatoes, sundried tomatoes (we like tomatoes), oregano, kalamata olives, broccoli, chicken and feta cheese. I think that it was lacking a salty condiment (Ed thought it was perfect) and will add capers and/or anchovies next time. Mmm, I love anchovies.

One thought on “Reina’s New Bionic Knee Surgery is a Success!

  1. Amy

    I'm glad the surgery went well! When Kahlua had it, the hardest part was keeping her off it.

    I remember, though, that they told us they used 80lb fishing line (or they said it was like fishing line, I don't remember), and hubby thought they were actually using 80lbs of the stuff to repair her knee. Haha! (Okay, if he knew I was telling this he'd 1) yell at me, and 2) say


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