Friday, May 20, 2011

Letter to Ed #1

You just pulled out of the driveway (you have business in Ottawa) and I am putting the last touches on my scalloped potatoes before they arrive (eta of 3pm). “They?” you would have asked. “Whose coming? It can’t be Andrew as he isn’t expected (by train) until Saturday afternoon…”.

As you are well aware, I hate (receiving) surprises. However, I love to give them but I’m unable to keep them (I’m always dying to tell). Besides, I’m a horrible liar.

So, it’s no small feat that I’ve been keeping this surprise since Easter (that’s 3.5 weeks but to someone like me, it might as well have been 3.5 years).

I can just imagine your face when you find out. Realizing that all my craziness was for a reason (not that I need one).

– “Scalloped potatoes?” you asked (secretly wishing that Andrew came more often as we haven’t had them since the ice storm of 1998, I don’t cook that often…),
– The 6th chair (by the way, where is it?),
– Why I needed you home RIGHT after your meeting because I needed to go and look at Laurie’s chickens. Like if I didn’t see them by 4pm they’d turn back into eggs. To top it off, you then ask “What about the kids?”. See what a bad liar I am, I totally forgot about the kids.
– How Andrew can bring Bailey on the train with him without a cage (it’s actually here) AND take back a dozen eggs. My response, “My mom loves scrambled eggs”.
But being the easygoing guy that you are, you just helped me rush around getting ready, one day early…

So surprise (I know that it will be)! Cousin Kevin (My Dad’s Brother’s Son) and Uncle Andrew are here for the long weekend. The three of you together is going to be hilarious.

I got this photo off of Nanna’s camera so I don’t know where it was taken. I’m assuming Kevin’s new house!? I do know that it was taken on January 16, 2011 (good ole “Properties” details).

Now hurry home because I want to give you my list of all the things that you can now do because Kevin’s here…

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