Saturday, May 28, 2011

A "Zoo’ed Up" First Blog’versary

One year ago today, I posted this wild and crazy introduction (well not really wild and crazy to the general populace but it was for The Zoo).

Since that time, we have made 129 posts (well 130 if you count this one). Not bad considering I didn’t (read: couldn’t) post for 102 days while we were in Mexico over the winter. Subtracting that, I posted 49.4% of the time (263/130). That won’t win me any awards (read: sponsorships) but my Mom and Dad think I’m great so that has to count for something.

So, in celebration of The Zoo’s First Blog’versary, we’re having a giveaway (because that’s what everyone does). However, unfortunately for you, it’s not that easy because Ed’s in charge. Allow me to explain.

Over dinner, I informed Ed about our Blog’versary. He immediately suggested that we pay everyone who commented one dollar (you can tell how big he thinks our readership is). To which I replied, we might be out up to $500 (after one friend tells another friend and so on and so on, by the way, what is that from? Note that Ed, of course, knows where this is from, note the “useless information” comment below). Being the “Finance Minister” (that’s what Ed calls me), I immediately ixnay’ed that idea.

His next brilliant idea (brilliant only to himself and his mother) is to have everyone submit a “Haiku” poem. Of course, we’re going to celebrate our First Blog’versary with a “Haiku” contest (doesn’t everyone?).

In order to inspire you, I had Ed write (a happy, according to him) Haiku poem. Here it is…

I love mayonnaise
Fun for the whole Zoo
“Clean-up on aisle five”

For those of you who (still) choose to participate, please leave your poem in the comments section. The winner will NOT be selected by a randomly generated computer selector program (or whatever it’s called, you know, the thing that everyone else in the universe uses). No, Ed will personally pick HIS favourite. Note that if you are the ONLY submission (very likely), he assures me that this does NOT mean that you will defacto win the prize (which we have yet to discuss).

Basically, I highly suggest that you do this because for some strange reason you want to and not because you’ll win a prize (I mean, let’s be honest, we’re not that kind of people, whatever that means).

By the way, whoever said that “opposites attract” (seriously, who really said that?) was right! Ed knows more “useless information” than anyone I know. And, after 10 years together, I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

Happy Haiku’ing!

Added after the fact. I just read the “Urban Dictionary” definition for “Haiku” (I was secretly hoping that I had created the verb “Haiku’ing”) when I realized that Ed’s poem wasn’t right (can you spot the error?).

Added after the fact, again. Blogger is having some more problems, especially with comments. It’s so bad that I can’t even leave a comment on my own blog (well I can but it appears as if I’m Anonymous!?). In turn, for all of you that are desperately trying to submit your Haiku poems (you know you are), please feel free to email me; shood50 youknow hotmail youknow com.

Here is my reply to Amy’s Haiku;

Brilliant Haiku!
Amy has set the bar high.
We have ONE comment.

(Just a little Haiku of my own)

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