Monthly Archives: July 2011

Uncle Andrew’s Gone/Ed’s Here

Not sure if I mentioned it but Uncle Andrew was here (from Friday until Tuesday) and now he’s gone. We had a busy visit (very unusual for us, definitely had something to do with the kids). No pictures to prove… «more»

New Feature: Email Subscription

As you may have noticed, I’ve been making some changes to the blog; the design, (LinkWithin) post icons at the bottom of each post and now this, Email Subscription. My fellow BLM, Franchesca over at Small Bird Studios (a blog… «more»

The Kids Turn 19-Months Old, Nipissing Update.

On July 11, the kids turned 19 months old so we headed to the doctor for their 18-month check-up (we’re a bit behind schedule). It’s been 14 weeks since their last doctors’ appointment (April 15). Thankfully, they got some shots… «more»

So Cute I Just Had to Post

For the past few nights, the kids have been giving me kisses before bed. They even take out their soothers (and that’s saying a lot!). Sweet Dreams.

Welcome to the Family!

Max and Artemis spent the large majority of today “Parallel Playing” with various different toys (Note that no one was injured while having to share their toy, read: Artemis didn’t bite Max) and running around with boxes on their heads… «more»

Visitors make for Never a Dull Moment at The Zoo

Warning: Picture Overload On Monday we went to the Five Star for lunch. Both kids are signing for “Please” and “Thank You” (most of the time). Although they’re both using the sign “Thank You” even for “Please”. Regardless, they are… «more»

Child Psychology 101

For Students of Child Psychology 101 this weeks assignment is “How much longer will these two be able to play together without one of them getting injured (specifically Max getting bitten, oops, too late)?” On Saturday morning, we went to… «more»

Marcella’s Long Awaited Visit From South Korea.

For those of you that don’t remember, Marcella has been teaching English in South Korea (Suwon) for the past two years. On July 1, she came back to Canada for good (well until she leaves for Spain in 6 weeks… «more»

What a Busy and Beautiful Weekend!

We spent Friday afternoon playing in the kids new water table (courtesy of Aunt Ingrid). The kids loved it and were absolutely soaked. Afterwards, they rolled around in the dirt. On Saturday we spent the day at Chuck and Michelle’s… «more»

Reason #325 Why I Don’t Bake Cookies

As you’re well aware, I don’t cook or bake. Partly because I don’t like to and partly because I don’t have any time. Well, apparently, I DO have time on my hands because I was looking through my pictures and… «more»