Friday, July 1, 2011

Reason #325 Why I Don’t Bake Cookies

Chocolate Cookies

As you’re well aware, I don’t cook or bake. Partly because I don’t like to and partly because I don’t have any time.

Well, apparently, I DO have time on my hands because I was looking through my pictures and saw that I’d baked cookies this week. (I’d forgotten, there’s a first time for everything, the baking cookies part, not the forgetting…).

As you can see, they didn’t turn out so well. I’m being generous.

The good news, they tasted amazing!

This was the mix that Carrie gave us ladies as a Baby Shower gift. Thanks to The Sheriff for the vanilla and baking sheets.

Because a National Holiday is not complete without a Vet visit (seriously, it isn’t), Ed will be heading to Ogdensburg this afternoon to get Aries eye checked out.

I know that you’re not supposed to start a sentence with “because” but it just sounded so right and better than “since”.

She had a little “altercation” with the dogs on the front porch last week. And while she was holding her own from behind the BBQ, I think she scratched her eyelid on something. Anyways, it’s been pussing (sorry for the details) for a couple of days so we decided to get it checked out.

Sorry for being totally negligent in my posting obligations (seriously, how many times have I said that in the past few months, in addition, how many times have I said seriously). It’s just that the kids keep me so busy. I hardly ever get any time to go on my computer. After they’re in bed, we eat dinner (sometimes as late as 9-9:30pm), then I check out some blogs, read emails and I just don’t have the energy to write anything that might make sense and post non-existent pictures that I didn’t have any time to take. How did I do it for the past 13-months?

Tomorrow we’re going to our Newfie friends “Canada Day shin-dig”. It should be a blast and they know how to have a good time. Rumour has it there will be a live band, swimming in their pool and tons of kid activities (there will be alot of kids). I’ll try to take some pictures and post.

We’ve started to let the kids into the bathroom (while accompanied) and they’ve taken an interest in the potty. They both want to STAND in it but we’ll take it. After I posted this, I remembered that Max started to whimper after I took the picture. Note his hand…

Hope that it’s a lovely day where you are. It sure is here.

After two years teaching English in South Korea, Marcella comes home tonight at 11pm. We are SO excited to see her. Unfortunately (for us), she will only be staying for eight weeks (or less) and then will be heading to Spain to teach (once again) for one year. Welcome Home MID!

Have Plans for Canada Day?

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