Thursday, July 7, 2011

Marcella’s Long Awaited Visit From South Korea.

For those of you that don’t remember, Marcella has been teaching English in South Korea (Suwon) for the past two years. On July 1, she came back to Canada for good (well until she leaves for Spain in 6 weeks to teach English for another year but that’s another story).

On Tuesday, Marcella came out to camp for a two-day visit (I say “camp” because Marcella considers where we live to be similar to camping, that girl cracks me up).

It’s been 340 days since we last saw her (but who’s counting, smile) so we had some catching up to do. “Miss Story Teller Extraordinaire” did not disappoint (she always has us “in stitches”, by the way, anyone know the etymology of that saying?). Marcella is amazing with children (and some day may work in the field) and it shows. The kids loved her! Not only that, she loves animals so all of The Zoo got spoiled.

Ed and I love it when people come to visit (and Marcella is no exception) as we enjoy cooking and eating great grub. For her visit, we had a BBQ meat smorgasbord, homemade potato salad (first time ever, see, I’m “Martha” worthy), corn on the cob, oyster appetizers (Artemis ate a whole container of oysters to herself), watermelon, homemade burgers, fries with Swiss Chalet gravy (we were out of Swiss Chalet Sauce, yum!). For breakfast, Marcella made us pancakes (and she didn’t even have any herself!? What an amazing guest!). We ate even more but that was some of the highlights. We watched several movies (also Marcella’s specialty) and played (inside and out) with the kids. We look forward to having MID visit often (and soon, as next time she’s cooking homemade Chinese food, yum!).

Here are some pictures of her visit.

We Missed You Marcella!

Besos, The Zoo

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