Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome to the Family!

Max and Artemis spent the large majority of today “Parallel Playing” with various different toys (Note that no one was injured while having to share their toy, read: Artemis didn’t bite Max) and running around with boxes on their heads (It’s the latest craze).

After spending two and a half weeks fishing, The Sheriff is home, safe and sound.

On Saturday, my cousin Jon and his wife Carrie had a beautiful little girl, Lauren. We can’t wait to meet her. Welcome to the Family!

Uncle Andrew is coming for a four-night visit (starting Friday) and Ed leaves for Rochester (on business) on Sunday (for three nights).

For those of you that were asking, Reina’s knee is healing. She still limps sometimes (after she’s been still for a while) and this Thursday marks eight weeks since her surgery. That means that we can (re)introduce exercise (and do Ed and I ever need it). She should be back to (her new) normal within six months (by the end of November).

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