Monday, July 4, 2011

What a Busy and Beautiful Weekend!

We spent Friday afternoon playing in the kids new water table (courtesy of Aunt Ingrid). The kids loved it and were absolutely soaked. Afterwards, they rolled around in the dirt.

On Saturday we spent the day at Chuck and Michelle’s annual Canada Day weekend celebration (and Chuck’s birthday). Everyone brings tents/trailers and stays for the weekend. They had a live band, above ground pool (both of the kids went swimming and loved it), sprinklers, fireworks and tons of food. There were around 50 people there so lots of willing hands to look after the kids.

On Sunday it was hot, very hot. Like 83 degrees inside the house (with fans and the furnace fan running) hot, so we decided to have a BBQ at the St. Lawrence River (Cardinal, Ontario, 25 km from our place). We ate homemade sausages, corn on the cob, salads and watermelon. We watched people fish, scuba dive (at the wreck, Conestoga Ship, boats go by and enjoyed the lovely weather, minus the heat (the breeze off the water was amazing).

Update on Aries. As suspected, Aries has an eye infection. We have to apply topical anitbiotics for two weeks. She also scratched her cornea but that should heal on itself. After three days it is looking almost as good as new. If this healing continues, she will not need another vet visit.

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