Friday, July 15, 2011

Visitors make for Never a Dull Moment at The Zoo

Warning: Picture Overload

On Monday we went to the Five Star for lunch.

Both kids are signing for “Please” and “Thank You” (most of the time). Although they’re both using the sign “Thank You” even for “Please”. Regardless, they are starting to understand that you have to need to do something to get something.

Artemis has been doing (learning) a new puzzle almost every day. She is very patient and when we mix the pieces of three puzzles together, she recognizes that they are from different ones. Max isn’t really interested in the puzzles and gets frustrated when they don’t fit (anywhere and everywhere). Instead, he spends his days throwing and kicking balls.

On Tuesday, we went to playgroup. The kids are so excited for their summer vacation that they’ve taken to wearing lifejackets around the house (note that the one that Artemis is wearing is too big for her and is not the one she will actually wear).

The garden is really coming along. We have radishes, lettuce, zucchini, cucumber, spinach, green beans, and beets. Unfortunately, the spinach has gone to seed (frown). I need to take a picture.

On Wednesday, Ed installed the kids Growth Chart. Max is 31″ and Artemis is 30″. I am looking forward to their 18 month check-up next Friday (even though they will be over 19 months old).

On Thursday, we headed into Ottawa for dinner (at a Chinese Restaurant) with the Abuelo’s, Tia Ilka and Marcella. Ilka and Abuela bought the kids tons of new dressy and casual clothes. I can’t wait to get Max into his new pin striped suit (with adorable tie) and Artemis into one of her two dresses with crinoline. She’ll make a beautiful princess.

On Friday, we headed to “Playgroup in the Park” where the kids enjoyed playing in the sand box and water table. Afterwards, we went to Broadway’s for lunch. The kids were exhausted and they missed their morning nap but were still in great moods. They slept for three hours in the afternoon.

Max got a helium balloon at the park and you couldn’t take it away from him. We tied it to his shorts and it stayed there until he went to bed. They ran out of Helium so Artemis just had one filled with air. Within two minutes she had bitten it and that was that. We spent the entire day taking Max’s away from her (as she was also trying to “eat” read: ruin his).

When they woke up, we went outside to swing, play in the water table and sliding on their jungle gym (which they haven’t paid much attention to until today).

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