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Phone Calls and James Bond 007 Marathon #9

This morning, while Ed and I were in the kitchen together (read on and you will see how this point is important), we got a call on the home phone. This is not unusual as our home phone number is… «more»

James Bond 007 Marathon #7 and Crayola Crayon Maker

Initially, I was going to give this movie a “9”. Yes, I liked it that much. Then, Ed reminded me that Pierce and Craig are sure to bring the high ratings. Then, I remembered that I gave “From Russia with… «more»

James Bond 007 Marathon #6

Tonight we watched “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (1969) with James Bond #2, George Lazenby. This was George Lazenby’s one and only James Bond movie. Ed and I can’t see why. I love his accent, cleft chin and “James Bond”ness.… «more»

Happy Birthday Bro and James Bond 007 Movie Marathon #5

Today is Uncle Andrew’s 36th birthday. Only a couple more years and then he’ll be as OLD as me (tee, hee). Best.Uncle.Ever. In tribute, we continued on with our James Bond Marathon. You see, the James bond series might well… «more»

James Bond 007 Marathon #2 and #3

Last night we watched “From Russia with Love”. I really like the movie and rated it an “8”. It had amazing belly dancing, a deep plot (perhaps a bit too deep for my sleep deprived brain), gadgets from “Q” (although… «more»

James Bond 007 Marathon

Ed came home today with an epic garage sale find. A box of VCR tapes. But not just any coveted VCR tapes but (almost) the complete James Bond library! And so begins our 007 Marathon (there are 23 in total… «more»

Nanna’s visit

After eight sleeps, it was time for Nanna to go home. We can’t thank you enough Nanna for coming to stay with us while Ed was away. We are looking forward to Poppa’s visit. Here is a snapshot of the… «more»

The Week of September 18, 2011

Nanna’s here (arrived on Thursday), Ed’s in Orlando on business (until Thursday), Artemis has a head cold (no fever thankfully), and Max is still obsessed with cars. Yes, Max’s hair is getting long. No, I’m not going to cut it… «more»

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We’re Back from Summer Vacation

After three weeks, five days vacationing at The Family Farm Compound plus five days camping in Algonquin Park, we’re back from summer vacation. Our visit with family and friends was fabulous! I’ll post all the boring details and pictures when… «more»