Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Post about Poo

First off, I can’t believe that we’ve only been officially toilet training Artemis for one week. It feels like at least twenty two weeks.Today started out as usual. Artemis tells me her diaper needs to be changed so we go into the bathroom and perform a big rigamarole change it. Except that today, for the second time, she told me that she NEEDED to go (not that she already HAD). And so the waiting game began.

She wasn’t big on sitting on the toilet but was VERY interested in rummaging through the “everything” drawer with the condition that she could play with items IF she sat on the toilet. Five minutes and 28 items later, the game was still interesting (for one of us) and then she paused. I pounced like a person that wanted to avoid cleaning the floor a mother bear and made IT (and the intended target) just in time. Artemis had no idea that she’d just completed one of the greatest accomplishments of her short life, and seemed pretty surprised to find something in the bowl. However, she thought that it was awesome that everyone was jumping up and down and singing something about her and a toilet. She was beaming from ear to ear.

Not to be outdone, later on, for the first time, Max patted his bum and told me that he needed a diaper change. Sure enough, he was right!

Who knew that this toilet training thing was contagious.

My mother tells me that this is the reason why I don’t have any friends without kids. I have no idea what she’s talking about. Doesn’t everyone love to brag about their kids bowel movements?

My poor kids.

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