Monday, November 7, 2011

The Back 40

Today we made our annual visit to the back of our property. It’s not really in “the back 40” but it’s pretty big and besides, I’m sure that you get the drift. If you don’t get the drift or want to know the origin of the saying, ask Ed. He even knows how to make vinyl records…

The day was beautiful (have I already told you how much I like Fall, if not, I like Fall). It took us about an hour and a half to get there and back (wherever there and back are) but the entire Zoo had a great time.

The dogs foraged for whatever it is they forage for. The kids picked up anything and everything (and had their own personal sherpas carry it). Artemis found a half eaten corn cob (?) and both had their own personal walking sticks. They both needed it as Artemis walked over half the distance and Max only got carried for about 10 minutes longer. This was no small feat as there were tons of leaves, branches and logs to trip step over.

And two pictures from yesterday.

As a dinner sidedish, we had baked eggplant (Thanks for the recipe Amy). I preferred the chips although the thicker slices were also yummy. I’ll definitely have them again (2 cups of olive oil is healthy, right!?).

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