Yearly Archives: 2011

Toilet Training 101: Readiness May Not be Obvious

Note: This post is about poo. You’ve been warned.Not sure if I told you but Artemis has been talking “Poo” for over a week now. If I didn’t tell you it was because Ed told me that a post about… «more»

The Back 40

Today we made our annual visit to the back of our property. It’s not really in “the back 40” but it’s pretty big and besides, I’m sure that you get the drift. If you don’t get the drift or want… «more»

Public Service Announcement: Electricity Costs

This PSA is for those of you that don’t know but do care, but even if you do know are interested, use electricity and/or are located in Ontario, Canada. As of November 1, Hydro Ontario went and messed with us… «more»

Serving Table 7

For the past week, eating and sleeping has been a challenge. Breakfast (usually our most successful meal) is still the most successful but with half the food consumed. Lunch, I really don’t bother anymore. Artemis doesn’t even eat ONE bite… «more»

Happy Halloween 2011!

The kids are still too young to understand what Halloween is all about, however, they love to dress up and “go to a party” (note that everything is a party, including grocery shopping)! They were so excited when they saw… «more»

James Bond 007 Marathon, #22 Quantum of Solace and Recap

Tonight we watched #22, “Quantum of Solace” (2008). The female lead was incredible, the plot was top notch especially the continuity with the previous film and there wasn’t a gadget to be seen. Not one. The theme song was something… «more»

Not Another Cooking Blog

You’d think that I was trying to alienate all of you. What, with yet another post about my dinner and no pictures of the kids. Hey, it beats posts about Bond right? Oops, I go on to talk about Bond… «more»

What’s for Dinner?

Today I actually made it to Playgroup. You see, last Tuesday, Ed helped me get the kids all ready (it takes two to make it on time). When we arrived, there was a sign on the door saying that playgroup… «more»

James Bond 007 Marathon, #20 Die Another Day

Tonight we watched “Die Another Day” (1999) with Halle Berry. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to Ed’s expectations. The first part of the movie was really great and showed such promise but then the plot got hookey (really hookey). Ed… «more»