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Road trip to New York City

Uncle Andrew braved the snow blizzard (we got 3″ inches last night and lost power for 1.5 hours, yes, on April 23) and arrived safe and sound today. Here are some pictures in the late afternoon (most of the snow… «more»

Making Millions and Being Naked (not at the same time)

As you’re well aware, I’m really into DIY and Crafting right now. Today, I created something truly unique. I call it the “Slinky Flower”. I’m patenting it so please give me credit when you blog/pin/facebook/tweet and just generally share it… «more»

Can you Believe Someone is Turning Another Year Younger

In honour of someone turning another year younger (I don’t feel a day over 28), my day has already included the following; Waking up to the phone ringing, Looking out the window and seeing the sun shining (although totally deceptive… «more»

Quiet Time is Anything But Quiet at The Zoo

Just as I was thinking to myself, “self, what am I going to bore amuse my readers with today”, I walked in on this… Quiet Time at The Zoo. You can’t see their full destruction creativity from my (crappy) picture… «more»

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The “Up The Nose” Bead Debacle of 2012

Before we left for Mexico, I bought a package of kid’s beads (from Lazarus House). You know the colourful, oversized ones that have holes big enough to dig to China thread onto shoelaces. At the time, I thought that the… «more»

A Creative and Heartfelt Tea Party for Three

Since we’ve been back from Mexico, The Kids have been having regular tea parties… for three. On a daily basis, they have been asking for Alexander’s picture and involving him in their play. Alexander (or “Allie Bear” as Artemis calls… «more»

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What Canadian Giveways Have We Won Recently?

Now for our first latest installment of “What’s in The Zoo’s Mailbox”. Besides the usual menagerie of bills and people trying to sell us homes (silly them, we already have a house) so far this week we received the following… «more»

The Kids First Easter Egg Hunt and Crafting Addictions

The kids first Easter egg hunt was a huge success! They caught on after we showed them the first egg. Nanna was the mastermind and hid all the eggs where WE couldn’t find them filled the eggs with blueberries, raisins… «more»