Thursday, April 12, 2012

After the Hair Debacle of 2011 I find Myself Eating My Words

After The Hair Debacle of 2011, I swore that I would never cut Max’s hair again.

(In order to build the drama factor, I won’t tell you that I cut his hair once in Mexico with no problems. In fact, he sat there quietly the whole time and afterwards cried because he wanted me to cut more. Enough said).

However, after looking at the Easter pictures, I couldn’t avoid it any longer. You see, this is much more than just cutting a few hairs on Max’s head. This action has historical significance.

It all began in the mid- 70’s. A mother who shall remain unnamed (starts with an “N” and ends with “anna”) thought that it would be cute to grow her son’s hair in a long bob. That was all fine and dandy until one day, their daughter decided to cut all her hair off (don’t worry, I’ll bore you with the story later). Suddenly, people thought that the girl was the boy and vice versa. However, that’s not the point of the story because even if said girl hadn’t cut her hair, the boy’s “do” (more like a “don’t) would have still made you think “What was his Mother thinking?”

So, one day, I got up the courage to ask the mother exactly that. Her response, “I thought he looked cute”. Pretty near made me run and grab my scissors because that was exactly what I was thinking (about Max’s hair). If she could have been so delusional misguided, maybe I was too.

So, I did it. What I said I wouldn’t do (there’s a first time for everything). I cut his hair.

The before
Maxs Haircut Collage Before

and after…
Maxs Haircut Collage After

You can clearly see my cutting technique; install bowl and cut around the edges. Better than my freelance work last time.

Artemis thought that it looked like so much fun that she wanted me to cut her hair. So, I pretended to and then just handed her some of Max’s stash.

Max has caught the toilet training bug. For the past few days, he’s been asking to go “poo in the toilet”. Not wanting to be left out of her toilet paper dispensing duties of the fun, Artemis has been getting a front row seat on the action. Max doesn’t care too much except when she rubs his leg (something that I do), however, with her, he’ll have nothing of it. Personally, I think that his sole motivation for tricking me into thinking that I won’t be changing his diapers at his wedding, hey, another embarrassing photo opportunity is that he gets one square of toilet paper. And you thought that I was joking when I said that I was cheap.

Today, Max hit his head on the coffee table and cried for minus two seconds. Apparently, that is more than enough crying time for Nurse Artemis to jump into action. Makeshift mattress: Check, Soother: Check, Blankie and Artemis’ Teddy: Check, Blanket: Check. Max loves it when she takes care of him (although you can’t tell from the weary look on his face) and She loves to take care of him.

Never a dull moment at The Zoo.

One thought on “After the Hair Debacle of 2011 I find Myself Eating My Words

  1. Anonymous

    If I remember correctly, I believe I “helped” with your short hair cut. We decided to cut your’s first and I would go second, however we were busted before my long brunette locks were hacked off. 😉 I’m really, really sorry…. Not sure how I stumbled upon this post just now, but I remember that picture of you and Andrew well! (and we also had the same overalls!).
    xo’s to you all, Cindy M


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