Friday, April 13, 2012

A Creative and Heartfelt Tea Party for Three

Since we’ve been back from Mexico, The Kids have been having regular tea parties… for three.

On a daily basis, they have been asking for Alexander’s picture and involving him in their play.

Alexander (or “Allie Bear” as Artemis calls him, named after the bear that Nanna wears around her neck) is so involved that he has meals with us (he’s now covered in eggs and peas that Artemis constantly tries to feed him), is fought over and sometimes teased.

Yesterday, I had to remind the kids to be nice to their brother because Artemis had rolled him up into a ball and Max had thrown him in the garbage. Not the kind of Sibling Rivalry that I imagined but we’re no typical Zoo.

In the morning they say “hi” to him and in the evening give him a kiss before bed. Totally adorable.

My kids probably think that everyone has a brother that sits in a picture frame on his own shelf.

Besos, The Zoo

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