Monday, June 4, 2012

Looking for The Great Canadian Blog Bash Giveaway Sponsors

The Great Canadian Blog Bash 2012

Dear Canadians,

A bunch of Canadian Bloggers are hosting a The Great Canadian Blog Bash 2012 and I’m looking to host a giveaway as part of the festivities. In turn, I’m looking for some Canadian Sponsors to offer prizes. Note that the giveaway regulations limit this to Canadians only.

I would not ask for any product in return for blogging about your company. I would offer you a minimum of two entries in the giveaway. I would ask that you assist me with the write-up as I have not actually seen any of your products. I would provide the winner’s mailing address and you would ship the item to them. No gift is too small.

Why am I doing this (for free)? I am new to the giveaway community and working hard to grow my follower base.

I’m looking to firm up my sponsors by June 18. The sooner you sign up, the higher you are in the list! I am interested in hearing from you and would appreciate it if you forwarded this on to any other Canadians who might be interested in this amazing advertising opportunity.

Current sponsors include;

    1. BKInspired
    2. Audrey and Gem
    3. JuJus Hair Accessories
    4. Current Works of Glass
    5. Bayleaf Buttons
    6. SusieQTee!
    7. Fab Finds Chimes Design


There’s plenty of room for more sponsors.

Let’s make this a Canada Day to Remember!

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