Monday, June 18, 2012

Seeking Sponsors for The Great Canadian Blog Bash Giveaway #TGCBB Giveaway, 06/25

The Great Canadian Blog Bash Group Giveaway 2012

I’m getting really excited. I’m like that.

I’ve been annoying people working really hard to get sponsors for “The Great Canadian Blog Bash” in celebration of Canada’s Birthday on July 1!

So far, there are seven confirmed sponsors with a total prize pack of $112.50! Talk about generous, Eh!

Check out what one lucky winner will score;

  1. Hand Pyrographed Maple Leaf Wall Art from B K Inspired ($35)
  2. “I Love Canada” print from Audrey and Gem ($16)
  3. Glass Pendant from Current Works of Glass ($20)
  4. Tarn Toy Turtle from SuzieQTee ($35)
  5. Ten Customized Chevron Notecards from Fanfare Designs ($15)
  6. Gift Certificate from Bayleaf Buttons ($6.50)
  7. Hair Package from Juju’s Hair Accessories ($20)

There’s still time if you want to get involved or know someone who might. This is a great opportunity to get your shop, blog, products noticed with no advertising costs! No gift is too small, gift certificates are also cool. the only requirement is that you are Canadian.

Interested? Send me an email at journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com and get in on the action!


Hope to hear from you!


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