Sunday, June 10, 2012

Notice Anything Different About Our Website Design?

The Crafty Bees Logo

You get three guesses and the first two don’t count.

Still stumped, I have a new wbesite design and the person responsible is Emily from The Crafty Bees!

Before I get into how awesome and talented Emily is, I should start out by saying that I originally won one of her “Premade Blogger Templates”. However, I told Emily what I wanted and she zoo-weaked things (that’s tweaked in zoo language). In addition, in all her awesomeness, Emily made me a custom header for no extra fee (although she didn’t mention anything, I know she did). And they say that nothing in life is free.

Did I tell you how great it was working with Emily? I wish that I could say the same for her (poor girl, smile). I’ve never had a blog design done before (my previous two were free templates off the web) but I was really impressed with her professionalism and systematic approach to design. She knew what needed to be done in which order and although I’m bossy a Project Manager by trade, I let her take the lead. Sure glad that I did.

Did I mention that she just had a little nugget. Even so, she responded to my 3,298 emails almost immediately and showed me proofs throughout the process.

As for the design, it’s so “Zoo-like”! Can you name all the Zoo members in the header? Notice our “Z” icon in the Header Text? Isn’t that smart (Emily’s idea). I have buttons. I love buttons! The background is in orange. I love orange!

I think it’s pretty clear to say that I am really excited about this new look.

It shouldn’t affect all of you very much except for the addition of “pages” under the new header. The “Home” page is the default page. When you type in, you are on the home page. The “About” page is all about The Zoo. Lots of great pictures and boring tidbits of information that you might not have known about us. The “Contact” page has all the information for getting in touch with us. Finally, the “Giveaway” page will collect all my giveaway posts and centralize them in one simple location.

The new design has caused some of my post formatting to go wonky so please give me some time to make the changes. Other than that, it’s life as usual at “The Zoo”!

Does your blog need a pick-me-up? Emily’s Blogger templates start at less than $30. Do you realize that’s like getting 50% off your morning coffee for a WHOLE MONTH. Even more if you get the fancy one. And you can’t show your friends how pretty those are.

Did you know that she has ten new designs coming out in the next two weeks (like there isn’t a ton to choose from already) and another giveaway that will be hosted right here in early July!

Stop by her shop, The Crafty Bees and check out what she can do for you.

What Do you Think of our New Website Design?

5 thoughts on “Notice Anything Different About Our Website Design?

  1. Alyssa

    Although I haven’t seen your old templates I’m really liking your new theme and layout! I guess changing up ones blog is in the air 😉

  2. Tami Marie

    I don’t know what your template looked like before, but this one looks amazing. So cute. Emily is definitely awesomely talented.

    I recently had a makeover too and I love it. It reflects so much of me which makes it even more special.

    Following you on GFC. 🙂

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