Friday, June 8, 2012

Pip and Bean Super Hero Costume for Kids [Review]

I’ve mentioned before that I’m currently all about “The Monogram”. When I found out what Brian and Alyssa from Pip and Bean were gifting me, I could hardly contain my excitement.Monograms and Super Hero outfits, hello Batman.

The package included a monogrammed cape, arm bands and a mask. The best part was that although I had more choices than I can even remember (both for the cape colour and circle), I’m demanding I didn’t see the “Zoo colours” of orange with white. What to do? I mentioned my dilemma (if everyone had my problems) to Brian and he immediately responded that they could accommodate my request. Awesomeness of the Super kind!

Pip and Bean Super Hero Costume
Picture obtained from Pip and Bean’s etsy shop
In a flash, it arrived. I knew that the cape would be a success (we have several others but none are monogrammed) but I was a bit worried that the kids would be afraid of the mask and/or not want to wear the arm bands. Let’s just say that Artemis has being wearing the outfit for two days straight.

At first, there was some trepidation. Either that or a Super Hero can’t let you see them crack a smile.

Artemis Wearing the Mask
Within minutes they had undressed and were doing it all over again. The great thing is that even at 2.5 years old, the costume is simple enough that they can dress themselves!

Artemis Putting on the Armbands

“Up, up and away!”.
Up Up and Away with Pip and Bean

In the end, it was love at first sight. Fierce!
Artemis Looking Fierce in her Pip and Bean Costume
Check out their shop, everybody (big or small) wants to be a super hero if even for one day. And yes, they have capes for BIG kids!

Disclosure: Journeys of The Zoo received product from Pip and Bean that enabled me to conduct this review. All opinions are my own.

One thought on “Pip and Bean Super Hero Costume for Kids [Review]

  1. Rae T. (Auqakuh)

    That is the coolest cape ever! The orange is just beautiful and I LOVE the Zoo ‘Z’ monogram, how wild is that?! I can’t stop smiling back at Artemis in that last photo – a fierce smile indeed, I love it!

    Oooh, the Big Kid capes would be so fantastic for themed parties and for playing with the kids. The “Plunger Man” cape really cracked me up -> (4th photo down).

    Still can’t get over how great your photos are. I’m pretty sure I’ve pulled that first look at least daily since birth, tee hee. 😛


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