Monday, July 23, 2012

Completely Useless Drivel You Might Just Digg

I always have tons of ideas swirling around in my head but not normally enough to write an entire post (I know, hard to believe).
Weekly Drivel in Magnets
Not wanting to deprive you, my loyal followers from all the drivel brilliance that is inside my 6×8″ head I’ve come up with a plan.Yes, I really measured my head.If it sounds big or small it’s because I had to measure it with a flat ruler. You know, the ones from Grade One. Which is probably when this one is from except “Grade One in 1912” because Nanna is Spring Cleaning (in July) and I’m getting all the junk keepsakes from her Mother and her Mother’s Mother. Can you say crusty unfinished gimp bracelets from Camp, baby teeth, garter belts… I’ll just stop there because I definitely have enough content about that. Lucky you.

Anyways, I couldn’t use a measuring tape because someone borrowed it…

Old Wooden Ruler
Circa 1912.
Where was I?

The plan is to compile a list of worthy (but mostly non-worthy) thoughts and finds.

Grab your beverage of choice and get a peek into how I waste spend my time.

  1. The least likely person in my life to be influenced by my drivel called me up to tell me that he bought one of the products I’d reviewed and… It worked.
  2. Fun with Homonyms (@WriteatHome). Two Tweet is Grate!
  3. Found this post of Scott Henley’s over at Dad Connection. The only thing I’d change would be to call it “10 ways to LOVE your kids”.
  4. In my spare time I make up words. Must submit “drivelness” to Urban Dictionary.
  5. People are looking for activities to keep their kids out of their hair educationally entertained. Here’s a few of our tried and tested ones:
    • Cook boiled eggs. Let the kids peel them. All of them. Who cares if they don’t even eat them. Do you know how long it takes a two year old to peel an egg? Long enough to write this post…
    • Let a bunch of flies into the house and tell the kids to catch them.
    • Encourage the kids to dump something really messy like “the dregs at the bottom of the Shreddie Box” on the floor. Have them clean it up. Rinse and repeat.
    • Play hide and go seek. They hide, you don’t seek.
  6. Know anyone that sells individual “cricut-like” handheld things?
  7. I’m writing a guest post on “All Things Multiples”? Anything you want to know in particular like “How regular were my bowel movements with three parasites inside me” or “What’s it like to have a litter jump on your stomach all at the same time” (didn’t Houdini die from something like that?). Please leave your fabulous questions in the comments.

See, just like I said, Completely Useless Drivel.

Note that says the definition of drivel is “saliva flowing from the mouth, or mucus from the nose”. Totally what I was going for.

Sew, was Eye Write or Rong? Useless or Knot?

12 thoughts on “Completely Useless Drivel You Might Just Digg

  1. Rene

    I am so thoroughly offended by your supposed ‘fun with homonyms’ that I may not speak to you again.
    But I like you kid-activity ideas (esp hide and seek) so I may reverse my earlier decision.

  2. Brandi Yee

    haha I love this! I especially love the part about kids peeling eggs 😉 I shall have to try that next time I’m on my blog and need a distraction for them 🙂


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