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The Zoo Family Traditions at The Knit Wit Shair

NOTE: This post was originally titled written as a Guest Post for The Knit Wit Shair.

Below is what I posted to my site and below that is the text that I Guest Posted. I am including both here in order to have a record of all The Zoo’s writings.


Today, I’m excited to be guest posting over at “The Knit Wit Shair”.

When Shari isn’t running her successful blog or mothering her three young boys, she’s probably knitting for those in need.

The Let’s Cap Cancer campaign is The Knit Wit by Shair’s attempt at helping to support Cancer research, while using her love of knitting to also help cancer patients going through Chemo. You can purchase a hat, spread the word, or donate supplies. Any support is greatly appreciated. Check out her current listings in her SHOP.

Shari has graciously agreed to let me take part in her “Photo a Day” meme. I hope that you will hop over and visit her site to see what I had to say about “Family Traditions”.

Speaking of guest posts, over the next little while, you will have the opportunity to meet several new bloggers. The reason why I am hosting and participating in Guest Posts is to give you the opportunity to meet new people that you might not otherwise know. Be sure to watch for Shari’s guest post here at The Zoo in August. I hope that you will enjoy this part of our Journey.

If you or someone you know would like to guest post at Journeys of The Zoo, please contact me at: journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com.

Below is the content that was originally posted and has been added her to


The Zoo has their fair share of traditions. They generally fall into two categories; Family and Outdoors. There are some that fall into both.

Every summer, since the kids were six months old, we’ve been heading up to Algonquin Park to “camp out”. No running water or electricity. Just us and the elements. This will be our third summer and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with my Family.

We recently added another tradition to the list

Family Traditions with Cottage Life Magazine

Besos, The Zoo

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