Saturday, July 7, 2012

Friday Night Conversations in The Canoe Room

The Zoo has a three-season room that we call The Canoe Room, you would probably call it a Sunroom. It is our hub.

During the day, the kids play out there and at night, Ed and I like to get caught up with the day and enjoy a cigar.

Paddles, miniature canoes, photographs, plaques and other “camp like” items adorn the walls. The tables are made of slabs of wood with twig legs. The decor is shabby, wicker chaise lounge, 1980’s macramé hanging lamps complete with hummingbird pull cords. A 1920’s rawhide and stick chair is the rooms centre piece.

Smoking Cigars in The Canoe Room
The room is a true reflection of The Zoo.

Now that I’ve set the mood, allow me to share with you some of our intimate conversations.

Ed: Don’t you hate it when little bugs get in your wine?
Me: Better than big ones.
Ed: I guess it’s all protein anyways.

Me: What are you reading?
Ed: A Princess Auto Flyer.
Me: Is it good?
Ed: No, want to read it?
Me: Why? It’s not good.

Ed: You should come to next week’s Finnerty Friday Night Auction?
Me: Why?
Ed: He’s selling a bunch of beekeeping equipment.
Me: ???

Context. Ed has to go to Rochester for business. He suggested that The Zoo come with him.
Ed: You should come. It will be like a mini-vacation. You can take two 2.5 year old maniacs the kids to Darien Lake.
Me: That’s what I call a vacation.

Me: What is that piece of crap plastic that you have?
Ed: It’s an exacto knife. But not just any old exacto knife, this one has an automatic blade loader. I got it for a good deal.
Me: You paid money for that? What a steal.

Ed: Reina, eat the bug. Phoenix would have eaten the bug.
Me: Don’t compare them.
Ed: You’re right, I wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings.

Ed: Finnerty had a professional grade exercise bike for sale.
Me: Does it run itself?
Ed: No?
Me: Not interested.

Context. Ed opens up the door and spits outside.
Ed: That landed right there!
Me: Deep.

Ed: Look at him (said in an exacerbated voice in reference to Phoenix licking himself).
Me: Don’t be jealous.

I guess you had to be there…

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