Friday, July 20, 2012

The Time I Cut Off All My Hair and Gave it to Barbie

Before I tell you about the time that “I Got Migraines to Avoid Ballet”, I realized that I left out the time that “I Cut Off all my Hair and gave it to Barbie”.

I was around four and playing at my friend Cindy’s. For whatever reason, we were in her bedroom playing with dolls and scissors, alone. Ah, the good old days.

We had several beds for the dolls but no bedding. That wouldn’t suffice (yes, we actually thought exactly that). What to do?

We were stumped. There really wasn’t anything to use. I mean, we couldn’t cut up the doll blanket, NO! Or any of Cindy’s clothing, Double NO! And we’d be in serious trouble if we so much as touched her bedding. So, we used the next best thing, hair.

I’m not sure how I got to be the sucker lucky one. It probably has something to do with my severely generous character but my Mother picked up this…

Sarah at Age Four after her Haircut
Or something close to this. P.S. I’m the older one.

You might recognize this picture from the After the “I’m Cheap” Hair Debacle of 2011 post.

No, you’re not seeing things,

I cut off all my hair and gave it to Barbie.

I have to admit, she did end up with a pretty sweet divan.

Stay tuned for next week when I finally tell you about how I Got Migraines to Avoid Ballet.

Did You Ever Cut Off All Your Hair?

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5 thoughts on “The Time I Cut Off All My Hair and Gave it to Barbie

  1. Rene

    I remember the time I went into the bathroom to cut myself some stylish bangs (this would be about 1987). I did such a crooked botch job that to even it out my mother had to give me VERY short bangs. Thankfully, no photos exist.

  2. Deborah Coombs

    Well, there was the time when I was about 3 and my 2 year old brother and I were in the bedroom playing. Alone. With scissors. (What were our parents thinking??) And I asked him to cut my hair. I have no idea to what purpose. But he had one of my lovely long pigtails gone by the time my mother appeared.

    Thankfully her best friend was a hair dresser.

  3. Savvy Suburban Mama

    I didn’t do this, but my 3 year old son just did his version of it (with his 5 year old brother’s help) We’d just had his hair cut and it was looking so tidy and even. Then big brother started the chop at the top, so he had to copy and even though it was already short, all over the top of his head he’d pulled up the hair and chopped. Looks like a bad mow job. Thank goodness it grows out.

    And I’m belatedly popping ( and following) by from the Friendly Follower’s hop!

  4. Robin

    Hmmm, never cut off my hair, but I did pick up a pair of scissors and cut through a skirt my mom was making for herself. Well, you know…she left it unattended on the ironing board and I was trying to help and how was I to know it would not be helpful to cut through it. At an angle. Right up the front.

    Ah, the good old days of being left alone with scissors.

    And if it makes you feel any better, I have had SEVERAL kindergartners cut their hair during an art project over the 23 years I’ve taught. And YES, I really was watching them. They’re FAST.

  5. TenaciousC

    Ah ha ha ha!!! That’s awesome that you posted that story and picture! I recall collecting your hair in a plastic container of some sort, (and the spanking I got!) Thank goodness it grew back so nicely! Sorry about that, again!
    xo C


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