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Guest Post: The Knit Wit Shair Does Her Part for Cancer

Lets Cap Cancer Knit Wit Shair

Today, for a change of pace, I have Shari from “The Knit Wit Shair” guest posting.

Shari is a mother to three small boys aged 6, 4, and 2, a wife to a wonderfully handy husband, a knitter, and NASCAR fan. She owns The Knit Wit by Shair blog, and a craft business on the side. Her life is crazy busy, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Without further ado, here is a chapter of Shari’s story.


Recently my family has experienced something that no family should have to experience, but so many do.

My Mother was diagnosed with cancer.

After her surgery to remove the tumor, they told her that she would need to have chemo since there was a high risk that it had spread or would come back. It is very common with the type of cancer she has, so she was expecting it, but not fully prepared for the declaration.

The first thing she did was call me, her knitting daughter, and in tears told me she was at the doctor today, and she might need me to knit something. She was having a really dark moment and couldn’t even say the word chemo.

At that moment, I jumped on the internet, and searched for chemo cap patterns. I asked on my Facebook Fan page, if anyone had any good patterns as well. That prompted a friend to say she was glad that I was going to make them and asked how much I would charge as her Mom was dealing with the same thing.

That’s when a thought hit me.

I knew I could never make money from someone else’s suffering, but I couldn’t exactly offer my products for free. Hoping that only cancer patients requested the hats. So what I came up with is this.

My chemo caps are priced at $10 per hat, and the full price of each hat will be donated to The Canadian Cancer Society.

I am accepting donations of yarn, or knitting supplies so that I can make these hats at little or no cost, so I can continue to donate the entire purchase price to Cancer research. You most certainly do not need to be a cancer patient to use these hats, either.

Check out my current listings at my SHOP.

If you would like to read more by Shari, be sure to check out her Blog, and on Facebook.


A big thanks to Shari for sharing such a personal journey with us. I am so impressed by her generous spirit and know that you will support her by sharing her initiative with others.

Let’s Put an End to Cancer!

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Knit Wit Shair Does Her Part for Cancer

  1. Rae T. (Auqakuh)

    A truly moving story and what a wonderful way to spread light in the darkness of such a scary diagnosis.

    I will happily spread this story and news of your shop and if I ever come across any extra yarn you will be the first to know. My stepmom is also a knitting whiz so I will be sure to check with her to see if she has anything she could donate.

    Thank you so much for

  2. Rene

    Thanks for this great initiative Shari – do you have a link to a good pattern, so those of us who knit could also contribute somehow on our own? Where are you located re: yarn donations etc?


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