Monday, August 20, 2012

When we Travel, I Pack a Lot of Stuff

The Zoo has been “The Zoo” since January 2001 and during that time, we’ve travelled a LOT.

This year alone, we spent three months in Mexico. In April, we spent four days in New York City. In July, two days in New York State and I haven’t even included summer vacation or our return trip to Mexico (in December).

Speaking of summer vacation, while the timeframe varies, it’s never been shorter than three weeks and always includes five nights camping in Algonquin Park.

It also requires me to pack for at least two seasons; summer and fall, two lifestyles; sleeping bags and beds, not too mention items for seven beings; two adults, two kids, two dogs and “Aries the Cat”. In turn, it should come as no surprize that we,

Pack a LOT of Stuff.

We’ve also driven to Mexico AND back six times (so technically, 12 times) so we’ve got the routine down pat.

Right down to the “discussions”.

There is no disputing that Ed is responsible for packing the van and I am responsible for filling it.

Where our opinions differ is regarding what exactly it should be filled WITH. As the saying goes, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. Here is an example of a discussion that we have every.single.trip.

Note that the following dialogue might be slightly skewed in my favour.

Ed: Everything won’t fit.
Me: Yes it will, you haven’t even tried.
Ed: It won’t fit. Is that really necessary (pointing to my undergarments).
Me: Yes, I need those.
Ed: I don’t.

Like every other year, Ed will make everything fit.

It’s what he does.

That and the roof cargo carrier and trailer will help…

Do You Pack a Lot of Stuff when You Travel?


17 thoughts on “When we Travel, I Pack a Lot of Stuff

  1. Cheryl

    LOL! Sounds like my husband and FIL! Adam went to NS to pick up some of our worldly goods and when he got back, the whole back of the van looked like one giant jenga or puzzle game!

  2. Lori

    As long as we have a list, it's okay. Do you pack with a list or just stick in what you need? I don't even know how I would begin to pack for three months though!

  3. Robin

    That "it won't fit" thing must be a man-thing. They are just not good at packing stuff in there. Maybe if we made them carry a purse, they would get more practice…

  4. Canadian Dad

    I'd better jump in here in defence of all men out there. I'm with Ed! Do you know how much junk you make us fit in there? I sometimes imagine that you all have weekly meetings to see what new packing challenges you can throw at us, so you can watch us struggle! Gooooooo Men!

  5. Journeys of The Zoo

    This was originally posted by Canadian Dad and it somehow got deleted!? I wanted to make sure that "the other side" (and us ladies know which side that is, smile) received it's fair dues. As always, thanks for your support Chris!

    "I'd better jump in here in defence of all men out there. I'm with Ed! Do you know how much junk you make us fit in there? I

  6. Shayna

    We haven't done a whole lot of traveling since the little one arrived but we have made a few small trips. There are just soooo many things that a kid needs, especially when driving. I use to go with the "if I forgot something I will just buy it when I get there" but that doesn't work quite the same when you have kids!


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