Friday, August 17, 2012

Can You Believe What They’re Teaching Kids These Days…

Seeing as I’ve been using this blog to spew random nothingness document the kid’s greatest achievements, I feel that this important milestone should not go unacknowledged.

Wait a minute, this is exactly the kind of thing that should be swept under the rug. Especially since Ed thinks that you’ll think that we’re bad parents or something. However, that’s not the way we do things at The Zoo. Around here, it’s all about integrity.

Yesterday, while swimming, one of the kids toys fell out of the kiddie pool. At the ripe old age of two years, seven months, what did “Kid Who Will Not Be Identified” say, well, I can’t write it.

Seriously, it was the worst of the worst. I was appalled. Where could the kid have learned it from?

Sure, we go to playgroup but that is only once a week, and it’s summertime so there are not a lot of kids there. Uncle Eric is just an all-around bad influence saint so it can’t be him. We don’t have cable so it can’t be any of those shows trying to sell themselves off as being educational.

And then it came to me, it was ME, that pretty coloured extinct animal!?

Can you believe what they’re teaching kids these days…

2 thoughts on “Can You Believe What They’re Teaching Kids These Days…

  1. Rene

    That's it – I'm calling Child Services. No really, can't wait for your kids to teach some new words to mine as 'baby', 'cereal', 'outside' and 'puppy' are getting old. 😉


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