Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mountain Orchards, Airplanes and Other Stories

I haven’t done a post about nothing in a while so I figured it was high time that I updated you on… Nothing!

  1. Aunt Liz made these two Teddies by hand. Today, “green one” bit the dust. Do your kids have the same kind of brilliant naming conventions like mine?
    Green Teddy Bites the Dust
  2. Speaking of Aunt Liz, she’s super talented especially when it comes to sewing and knitting. I’m trying to convince her to let me show you some of her stuff.
  3. Toilet Training 101 = 101 Ways in which I (the Child) am Training my parents to accept that I will not use the Toilet.
  4. Artemis took one of Max’s strawberries to which he replied “Swiper, Stop Swipping”. Milk came out my nose. I guess the kids are watching a little too much Dora.
  5. Speaking of fruits, a bunch of us went to Mountain Orchards on Sunday and had an absolute blast. There were activities such as: straw jump, tractor rides, corn maze and of course apple picking. A definite must visit if you’re in the Ottawa/South of Ottawa area. A good time for the whole family (including the dog)!
    Mountain Apple Orchards Mountain Ontario
  6. Bad news, Artemis is still bitting Max. She’s good for at least one weekly snack. Good news, Elmo bandaids are all the rage.
  7. Ed was away for a 5-day business conference so Nanna came for a visit. Activites of significant note was our hike into the back 40 and our trip to playgroup.

  8. I should remember to take pictures after the kids creativity. Hello bag of dried pasta in the cat’s water bowl. Guess what’s for dinner tonight.
  9. Last week, we went to Pierre-Elliott Trudeau Airport (in Montreal) to watch the planes take off and land. Well, not really but we did spend a lot of time doing that. The real purpose of our trip was to see Marcella off to Spain (for a second year).

    We miss you already Marcella!


6 thoughts on “Mountain Orchards, Airplanes and Other Stories

  1. Rene

    Great photos – who are those adorable kids? 😉 I am sure there is so much more to tell behind some of these items, but being left wanting more is a good thing!

  2. Liz Francis

    Speaking of Aunt Liz, do you want to have the ‘green one’ repaired? I can probably manage that. Working on getting some pictures and stuff together, I finished that under the sea baby quilt just in time, she had her baby Saturday night.

    Totally laughed out loud at the Swiper line, I can hear them using it hahaha.

    Hope all is well at the Zoo, big hugs to everyone for me 🙂

  3. Journeys of The Zoo

    Hey Everyone, it’s AUNT LIZ!

    Thanks for the offer on the massacre. I was just going to restuff him (less plastic “balls”) and call it a day. I did collect most of the balls, I’m frugal like that and didn’t want our “on it’s last legs” vacuum to work too hard. Let’s be real, I won’t get to it. I’ll give him to Uncle Kevin in May and we can pick him up, as good as new next summer.

    Did you take a picture of the quilt? Glad you got it finished on time. What’s your current project?

    Haven’t forgotten about your “Grey Rush” cheese. Yum!

    Besos, Sarah

  4. Fiddlin' Dandi

    Apple picking is such a wonderful fall activity! We have an orchard not to far from us, but we don't get over there nearly as often as I would like. They have peaches too which is wonderful!


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